Georgia Gold Deposits Report

A Preliminary Report On a Part of the Gold Deposits of Georgia Paperback


William Smith Yeates, Samuel Washington McCallie &, Francis Plaisted King

Reprinted in 2000

”Knowing Where to look is as important as knowing How to look” Brian ‘Charlotte49er’ Herbstreit

This is a reprinted book published before 1923 by the Georgia DNR. This great photos and loaded with information

If you’re Gold Prospecting in Georgia then this is a must have publication. 542 Pages.

Gold Rush Guys have many Books & Maps of Virginia, North & South Carolina and Georgia related to prospecting for gold, The Civil War and even Ship Wrecks! Many of these are out-of-print or maps that date back 100+ years! We are located in Charlotte, NC in the heart of the Carolina Gold Belt

Paperback: 602 pages
Publisher: Nabu Press (February 3, 2010)
Language: English

Attributed throughout the rock-mass. Cooling, drying, hardening, ac-
companied by extensive earth-movements, afterwards produced fis-
sures and joints in the earth’s crust. Through these crevices, the
water circulated, carrying in solution various minerals, leached from
the rocks, through which they circulated. A reduction of temper-
ature and a decrease in pressure, as the water ascended, reduced
the solubility of the gold and other minerals, held in solution, and
caused them to be deposited along the walls of the fissures, thus
forming auriferous veins. Such, in brief, is a condensed outline of
the most probable theories, as to the origin of gold veins.