12X10 SEF Coil Tesoro Metal Detectors

1210″ SEF (Butterfly) Search Coil for Tesoro Metal Detectors
5 Pin connector for Cortes & Deleon.

 Coil Cover Included

The Double Elliptical coil with
Symmetric Electro-magnetic Field is the best performance coil!
Compared to the standard Double D coils it has the following advantages:
Better Ground Balance
More stable operation
Deeper in the ground
Better Pinpointing
More accurate target ID

 Coil Type

There are two main types of searchcoils currently on the market the widescan and the concentric.

Widescan coils use two D-shaped antennas that are placed back to back. Because of this configuration, they are often called "Double-D coils. The widescan coil is less affected by mineralization than the concentric, so it is generally used for gold prospecting or relic hunting in highly mineralized ground. Pinpointing is done with the heel or toe of the coil.

The concentric coil uses two round antennas, one inside the other. This coil is used on most detectors that are designed for coin, jewelry, and relic hunting. Concentric coils discriminate very well and pinpoint very easily because the strongest signal is always in the center of the coil.

Coil Size

There are many different sizes of coils available and each one may fine tune your hunting but only if you get the correct size. Larger coils go deeper than smaller coils but only on larger targets. When using a large coil, you may lose sensitivity to small targets. A large coil is also more susceptible to masking. Masking happens in the discriminate mode when a good target and junk target are both under the coil at the same time. If the targets are close enough together, the bad target will be discriminated out, and at the same time, the detector will not be able to pick up the good target. Masking is very common in junky playgrounds and in-and-around old house sites. Smaller coils will concentrate the signal and make the detector more sensitive to the little targets. Unfortunately, smaller coils tend to lose depth when compared to their larger cousins. Being that these coils dont have as wide a search pattern, they are also less likely to mask targets in trashy hunting situations.

Coil Info

Knowing where you are going to hunt and what you are hunting for goes a long way in choosing the right coil for your needs.  A larger coil is used to hunt in a clean area and/or  for relics that may tend to be deeper. A small coil will help to find the smaller targets such as gold nuggets or fine jewelry. Small coils can also be used to hunt for coins & jewelry  in extremely trashy sites.

The length and width of the coil affects different aspects of its performance.  The length of the coil (toe-to-heel) affects your coverage area, while the width (side-to-side) affects the depth. For example, the 318″ cleansweep coil is 3″ wide by 18″ long.  The 18″ length provides a very large coverage area, but its 3″ width indicates depth similar to a smaller coil.