A Serious Wave Table at a Fraction of the Cost You’ve seen them on TV – wave tables that shake out the good stuff, leaving the prospector with a super concentrate for a super-efficient fine gold extraction process. These machines separate materials by specific gravity, leaving you to work with just the heavies. These machines can be very costly for individual prospectors to absorb. That is, until we introduced “The Thumper.” Until now, people like you and me – out there river side, sluicing, dredging, high banking, dry washing and crushing just for the satisfaction of finding a few gold flakes – we couldn’t get a wave table at a reasonable price. That’s all changed. Now you can get “The Thumper” for half the price of even the lowest price shaker tables. Think you can’t get the professional quality results without the professional price tag? Think again. “The Thumper” boasts: • Two to 2 ½ gallons per hour materials processing speed (depending on mesh size) • Recovers 99.9% of your “gold in concentrate” so you can extract the fines more efficiently • Ability to concentrate ¼ ” mesh to micron size gold fines