California Sluice Box

THE GMS Gold Highbanker

[Gold Miners Secret]


This unit runs great on the low priced 35 GPM pump from Harbor freight tools. We run our unit on the Keene 2.5 Honda pump while it runs at idle. We have run three units at a time on this pump with no problems…so if you mining buddy has a pump for his unit….. just buy his gas and run both units at the same time!

This unit was designed with production mining activities in mind. The larger sluice box and riffles allow for the faster processing of pay materials than other high bankers on the market today.

60% larger than the competition and the unit weighs less. Made from ABS plastic to take years of abuse in the field.

The hopper box alone has two great features that out do the competition!

Larger classification area!

Larger boil area* in the hopper!

*the boil area is where the water jets spray down into the hopper and crate a boiling action that breaks the material apart….the water does not spray directly onto the material shoveled into the unit.

This means that you stay dry !!! Watch some of the folks on YouTube with the competition’s machines, they have to wear rain gear in the summer!!!!

This is one of THE best highbankers that Gold Rush Guys have ever used!
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