Six foot long and 18 inches in diameter trommel wash plant with oscillating sluice.  This wash plant was the 4th wash plant built by a retiring gold miner with over 30 years experience.  I added a one horsepower 24 volt DC motor that is run off of 4 used 6 volt golf cart batteries and recharged with solar panels.   The motor pulls slightly over 1/2 horsepower when running due to the efficient design of the wash plant with a 10 to 1 gear reduction driving a chain around the trommel.   The oscillating sluice greatly reduces the water needed.  The wash plant had limited use in 2015 and is in great shape.  The batteries only have about 30% of their original capacity but the solar  panels are high quality USA  made Solar World 175 watt panels.  I have personal experience running a smaller Denver gold Saver trommel for over 10 years on battery power, for me it is the only way to go.   Since I realize most individuals do not have experience with solar power, I would sell just the wash plant without a motor for $800.  Phone Steve Hicks in Montana for more information, (406) 547-2266.