The Big Three Mine is located on the upper reaches of Witsher Creek near the center of the S 1/2 of Sec.32 T25n. R4E. Nez Perce National Forest. The Vein's were first located in 1897 by E.M.Gillette.
"The veins, striking N. 80 degrees W. and dipping of 40-70 degrees S., were in grantitic country rock. The main vein was mostly crushed bedrock and gouge, with some quarts veinlets, and was a few inches to several feet thick"(Reed, 1939) The ore was reported to run $8 per ton (when the price of gold was 20.67 per ounce). Email me for webpage and more info and pictures. Thanks Travis (208)-628-3691 Mineral properties for friends, and family's, Invest in gold properties today! Special privileges in national forest lands. Dig gold from your claim today!