Platinum, AK. State of Alaska mining claims consist of; 25- 160 acre claims 12- 40 acre claims Totaling 4480 or 15.5 miles of open beach The source of the PT and AU is Red Mountain and Susie Mountain The Salmon River drains onto the center of these offshore claims. Both sides of Red Mountain has eroded into the Salmon River to the east and in the Bering Sea to the west. The local mine known as Goodnews Mining Co has produced 650,000 ounces since 1934 to 1975. In 1934 the Goodnews Mining Co. erected a Dragline and then a Bucket Line Dredge, which recovered the majority of the recorded PT. USGS and others have estimated 500,000 ounces exist in the tailing piles, 700,000 exist in the areas unmined. This equates to 41 mining seasons @ 15,854 ounces per season from a bucket line dredge. This figure is very close to that of Nome, AK. only from an area 1/2 mile wide x 6.5 miles long on the Salmon River. Acre for Acre, more PT has been produced than AU in the vast acreage of Nome. Offshore of Platinum has never been mined. The offshore area is estimated to have a resource of 5 million ounces of PT, with the same estimate of AU. These studies are from the USGS, USBM, WestGold and Inlet Oil Corp on record with Alaska DNR and available online. Along with Thomas Oommen PhD. completing two studies in the area of Platinum, AK. concluding the findings of the USGS and USBM to be accurate. The area in which the Pt occurs covers an area from 11 miles E & W x roughly 23 miles N and S centering on Red Mountain. Covering an area smaller than the Nome offshore mining area. Akmapper shows these claims. The picture is of the original Bucket line Dredge that sits where it last operated on the Goodnews Mine site. We will consider a partial sale. To minimize any permitting conflicts, I met with the local villagers and the managing Calista Native Corp where an agreement was reached for certain areas not be claimed or mined due to clamming and fishing activities.