Seaburg Prospect 20 Acre Claim (ID)

The Seaburg prospect is located in the Florence Mining District in Idaho where over a million ounces of gold was recovered in the 1800s. Florence is known for thousands of gold rich quarts veinlets in granite. The Seaburg prospect is located east of the well known Gold Bug Mine in the N.1/2 of the SE.1/4 of section 25. and its believed to be on the same strike. The main adit is caved. The tailing dump is a hundred feet long, fifteen feet wide, and thirty feet thick. There are other pits, trenches, and workings on the tree covered slope just below the ridge top. This mine has never been thoroughly and properly tested. It also has a spring located on it. Email at   Thanks for your interest. Travis Hollon (208)-628-3691