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 Posted by: vipeak06
With the gradual implementation of national restrictions on the exploitation of river sand, sea sand policy, artificial sand coastal areas are more and more people know, in fact, from general use, the difference between the river sand and artificial sand is not large, Because artificial sand mixed powder, cement, construction engineering field has more advantages than natural sand.
We all know that artificial sand compared with natural sand, under the appearance of rough circular shape, and to change its artificial sand circular shape and roughness, mainly sand making equipment have determined. When concrete pouring liquidity will cause the appearance of artificial sand rough or poor circularity when affected, resulting in a gap between the concrete to produce a direct impact on the quality of the project, therefore, essential to choose the Sand.
So how to sell Dongyang Sand? Vico Heavy production of new 5X Sand is the company for domestic artificial sand industry specific working conditions, newly developed high efficiency sand making equipment, is a professional crushing technology and machinery manufacturing the perfect combination of a model. It provides the highest quality of aggregate for highway, railway, housing construction, water conservancy and hydropower dams, ports, concrete mixing station, is artificial sand and gravel sand-field device of choice.
How much sand pebbles set the machine? Sand pebbles devices typically include: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other equipment combination. As the largest and powerful crusher, sand making machine manufacturers, Vico Heavy investors cobblestone production line configuration can achieve international technical standards, is a production of construction sand and stone dedicated production line equipment, you can put pebbles made in line with the requirements of the various construction sand grain size to produce the finished product far more consistent with natural sand construction demand, can increase the quality of construction. Sand pebbles set specific machine how much money and other issues, you can directly click on the online consultation, Vico Heavy happy to serve you!
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