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The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), can be directly processed into stone and fired into quicklime. There quicklime and slaked lime, quicklime is the main component of CaO, the general was massive, pure white, light gray or pale yellow containing impurities. Add lime to absorb moisture or water to become hydrated lime, slaked lime, also known as its main ingredient is Ca (OH) 2. Slaked lime is formulated into a stone mortar, lime paste, lime mortar, used as coating materials and tile adhesives. Limestone and lime used to do a lot of building materials, is an important raw material in many industries.
Small silicon content of limestone can be used as multi-industry manufacturing materials, but also because it is a low hardness material, easy to break, is the main raw materials for a lot of building materials processing plants. Limestone sand production line equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher and other equipment new and efficient Sand, limestone sand production line to have a different process configurations depending on the customer requirements.
Limestone sand production line process: stone by jaw crusher preliminary broken, then produced into a coarse material transported by belt conveyor to the crusher or Symons cone crusher for further crushing, crushing stone into vibration after sieve out the two kinds of stones, feed size to meet the Sand Sand stones into sand and partly feed back into the small break.
Sichuan Province limestone gravel production line offer much? Limestone is a relatively common stone, Vico Heavy depending on the customer requirements to have a different process configurations, and ultimately win, so in aggregates production line, sand crushing process is often not fixed, the choice of equipment is often based on the characteristics of stone, according to customer requirements and to make a real adjustment for customer production, give full play to the characteristics of each application Sand broken. So how much limestone gravel production line quote is not fixed, the detailed program and prices, please contact: 0371-67771006.
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  The quotation of limestone sand production line
vipeak06 6/20/2015 1:42:59 AM

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