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 Posted by: vipeak06
Sierozem are used which industries? Putty powder is widely used in various construction projects, in order to protect the insulation adhesive putty powder, the majority of users to add sierozem putty powder in order to achieve waterproof, water effects, by customers as an active filler used in thermal insulation and water-soluble interior paint. Now the entire building project continued, putty powder sales hot in the market, but also indirectly led to the development of sierozem.
In a recent study of the composition of raw interior wall insulation mortar, we find that there are a very common in our lives sierozem. It is understood that calcium plays in putty gray powder insulation mortar in bonding effect, and can reach water, water effects. Since the resulting water-insoluble CaCO3 after sierozem reaction with CO2 in the air, so as to achieve the effect of the waterproof water. On the other hand: After mixing in a stack, you can make sierozem modified, in fact and in degeneration. Interior putty modified scraped the wall is not yellow, no blur phenomenon after use paint, steel does not change color melamine paint, wall putty, exterior insulation powder material is not easy to alkaline.
Sierozem is calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate, a mixture of a small amount of an active filler. The main raw material is calcium carbonate sierozem as the main component of natural high-quality limestone, after calcination becomes calcium oxide, and then the selection of carbonation, partially digested, and finally by sierozem mill grinding. Because sierozem is an active filler, not only for use in thermal insulation mortar, sierozem during drying of paints and coatings formulated after construction of chemical reactions and a certain degree of cross-linking occurs, the coating can improve scrub resistance and hiding power, is mainly used for water-soluble and low scrub interior paint coatings.
Sierozem mill Which is better? Vico Heavy Q5 strengthen ultrafine grinding mill is the company expert on the basis of market research and statistical analysis of a large number of domestic and foreign mills user usage and recommendations in the original patented product overpressure V-Mill Based on the innovative design of the new mill. Vico Heavy sierozem mill yielding resistant, automatic slag very good, mainly used to polish ash calcium, thereby producing putty powder, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food, decoration materials and other industries can play its superior performance.
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  In which industries is the Sierozem used? Which mill is good
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