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We all know that lime can be used to paint the walls, but maybe a lot of people do not know is how to lime, lime limestone in fact, obtained by processing limestone come, at this stage, whether it is the construction industry or industrial milling industry, application limestone are accounted for a large part, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, agriculture and food industry is a very important raw material.
Raw limestone is limestone ore through the mill from grinding depth processing. Limestone can be divided according to use: building with limestone powder, chemical limestone powder, limestone powder mold, food limestone and cast limestone powder. Limestone processing procedures can be summarized as follows: the original limestone ore - feeder - Jaw Crusher - bucket elevator - raw materials warehouse - Crusher - bucket elevator - Impact crusher (cone crusher) - superfine mill - bucket elevator - conveyor - clinker cooling warehouse, storage - finished. Which is particularly critical aspects of grinding.
Limestone mill equipment mainly by the host, analysis machine, plumbing fixtures, fans, according to user needs can be equipped with crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electric motors and other components. Typically the material uniformly and continuously into the grinding room hosts Raymond, the centrifugal force due to rotation, the roller swings outward, pressed on the grinding ring, shovel blade materials sent between roller and grinding ring, due to wear the rolling roller to achieve the purpose of crushing. After the material grinding, grinding with circulating air blower into the analysis machine for sorting, Los fine through coarse material will regrinding, qualified powder with its flow into the finished product cyclone powder collector, the powder discharge pipe, which the finished product.
Limestone mill which manufacturers better? Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Vico create professional limestone mill is updated based on the use of domestic and foreign similar products on the crushing equipment designed to improve, especially for limestone powder processing. Its high efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint, a small one-time investment. The limestone mill airflow is winnowing fan, mill shell, cyclones, fans circulating inside job, so less dust than the high-speed centrifugal mill, operating plant clean, environmental pollution, currently on the market to meet the All limestone powder fineness requirements. Limestone mill model diversity, please consult customer service or log Heavy Vico Vico official website limestone mill technical parameters, and further understanding.
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  Which limestone manufacturer is good?
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