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JOBE 2.5in X 1.25in Suction Nozzle

Ad Posted:Tuesday, November 26, 2019
Ad Expires:Saturday, January 25, 2020
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JOBE 2.5in X 1.25in Suction Nozzle
Hoses and other dredge accessories are not included.

A gold dredge suction nozzle works in a similar fashion to a power jet except instead of being attached directly to the header box it is attached at the far end of the material hose. A vacuum is created which sucks up water and gravel but the material is pushed through the hose instead of being sucked through the hose, as in the case of the power jet.

Which system is better a power jet or a suction nozzle?

The answer is that they each have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the power jet is that the operator of the dredge has to only deal with one hose when he is dredging. The power jet also allows deeper dredging because the power jet will lift material higher than a suction nozzle can push it. The disadvantage of the power jet is that the power jet and supply hose must be kept under water at all times. Therefore they do not work very well when working in shallow water.

The advantage of the suction nozzle system is that you can dredge in very shallow water and walk around with the suction nozzle completely out of the water without effecting the performance of the sluice. The disadvantage is that you have two hoses that the dredge operator must deal with. Generally speaking a dredge designed to work on flotation, with a compressor for underwater dredging, is almost always equipped as a power jet. A dredge that is designed to work with the sluice on a stand, in shallow water, is almost always equipped with a suction nozzle. If you are using a hibanker dredge combo with multiple uses you can also purchase the power jet and suction nozzle so that it can be used with either configuration depending on the application.
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