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All New Patent Pending Fluid Bed Gold Trap Classifiers

Ad Posted:Friday, April 5, 2024
Ad Expires:Tuesday, June 4, 2024
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 Posted by:EZCleanout
 User Location:Rutland
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 Manufacturer:Green Mountain Gold Trap
 Model:River Bed Hog & Pay Streak Finder
 Price:See Web Site
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This is an all new innovative Fluid Bed Gold Trap Design. Currently it is Patent Pending and filed as a 'Classifier' NOT A Sluice. It is the hope and desire of Green Mountain Gold Trap to have this legal in all 50 states where a classifier is allowed.

The Patented feature of the Green Mountain Gold Traps is it's Removable Trap Tray making a clean out far more simplified and fast. No longer will the need of removing the whole gold trap out of the river be required. Simply pull the pin, slide your trap tray out, empty / rinse into a gold pan or bucket, rinse the compartment it slides into then
re-install and replace your pin. Within 7 to 10 seconds, your up and running material again!

The days of re-building the wing dam you took time to build is over.

Both models can be run all day long before doing a clean out. As for feed rate, the 3' River Bed Hog can be run by two people shoveling directly onto the skid plate. The 23' Pay Streak Finder should be fed slower however, one customer reports that he dump a whole shovel full onto his all at once and still captures the gold.

The Clear Feature of the GMGT's gives you Complete Control over your set up and, complete confidence that your trapping the gold you work hard to find.

See web site for complete details, Customer Reviews, Videos and Pricing. You can also visit the official GMGT YouTube Page by searching GreenMountain GoldTrap.
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